About me

I am a local guide in Warsaw and tour guide for incoming and outgoing tourism. I’ve graduated Tourism and Recreation at Academy of Phisical Education in Warsaw and this two sectors create me from my work but also lifestyle point of view. Work as a driver, guide, event coordinator gave me a lot of opportunities to not only get experiance and improve my skills in traditional leisure and businness tourism.

Besides having a lot of pleasure to provide services for my guests and clients and showing beauty of Warsaw and other Polish cities I have a chance to be part of excitements related with discovering Poland with it’s difficult history and amazing culture and nature so as sentimental moments related with uncovering stories of people. Every person we meet on our way of life is different story no matter for reason of her/his visit and this is the most fascinating what my work can give me, I meet this stories and learn from them.

One very important part of myself is sport. I practise Kyokushin Karate from my childhood. It is one of the most hard of martial arts and actually way of life that formed me a lot. Years of hard training and participation in number of national and international compettions learned me what “never give up state of mind” means and how important is to break your own barriers to become better person.